Select Retail POS Software for All Kinds of Businesses

The use of good Retail POS software can truly revolutionize your business. For you to get maximum benefits from using such a system, it’s always vital to select a top performing software that also aligns well with the unique needs of your business. What then are the top POS software for retail business that you can use today to soar your profits? Below is a  a few of the best POS systems that could do wonders for your business, whether large or small.

The Top Retail POS systems for All Businesses

Pay Pal Here

This is a mobile app and credit card reader that you can easily download. The best thing is that you can download it onto a windows device, iPad or Android. With this, you will quickly process your business card, carry out automatic invoicing, conduct barcode scanning, process your debit card PIN and manage digital receipts.

Tiger POS

Owners of stores specially build this software for store owners. It works well for the liquor business. The software is generally affordable. And it has really great features including features for age verification, shelf labeling, and integration of security camera, reporting, capability for receiving as well as reporting.


This is a specific POS tailored for retail and hospitality industries. It is a highly comprehensive POS. You can get it on your mobile iOS and Android gadgets. You can also get it on a PC or Mac. The good thing is that it’s easy to use and within as short a time as 15 minutes everyone on the staff will have been trained. Moreover, you can generate and monitor real-time reports regardless of your location. Other great features of the POS include an online ordering platform and a payment and accounting system.


This is an EVA-ready POS, made to work with highly updated payment systems. It has a simple, inbuilt credit card processing mode that small businesses can use. The credit card is encrypted for protection of business and customer data. If you are interested in Quickbooks, you can access a free-trial. The cost depends on software and hardware bundles used by your business.


This system employs an easy checkout process that ensures that small business customers are delighted. How does it work? It pairs with your credit-card processor and enables processing of transactions in real time. It also progressively tracks purchases by customers besides facilitating a connection of your POS with customer profiles. Booker works for incredibly fast and efficient business operations.


This is a payment technology platform.  It facilitates businesses to enhance engagement with customers. Also, with Mycheck, you will easily customize your digital experience. With this software, you don’t need any special hardware or tools to integrate POS. The software offers a pricing model named pay-as-you-go. With this model, you can choose any specific capabilities required in the system.


SlickPOS is a software that especially suits food trucks, cafes, restaurants, and other food businesses. It is easy to use and quite convenient. The software works well on a browser and may also be installed as a MacOS or Windows app.It can be used on smartphones on iOS and Android platforms. Restaurant owners can pair up online orders with software for billing. By doing so, both channels can easily be managed online. At the same time, in-store orders can be done using just one convenient system.


SWIM is a software that works well with jewelry-type businesses.It helps jewelers manage businesses and process sales. It is designed with features that are jewelry-specific. These include instant quotes, stock-counting, marketing tools, and custom orders. There are varied pricing structures beginning with a free trial month to unlimited inventory and sales systems.


This software is a veritable all-in-one management tool that is well-suited for restaurant owners and can increase profitability. It is generally available to businesses of various sizes. Toast is a fully-customizable POS system that offers several attractive and useful features including the following:


  • Real-time reporting
  • Ordering online
  • Delivery-tracking.

Brilliant POS

What can this remarkable POS system do for you? Brilliant enables you to run reports, track inventory, make payments and manage your time sheets pretty efficiently. Using this software, you need not worry about losing data in case a device is stolen or lost. It has offsite access and cloud backup features. Even if you lose your device, you can be sure that all the data will remain securely stored in the Brilliant servers.


This is America’s leading retail POS software. It is designed to help retailers sell easily to their customers. With Vend, your business can select the best method to access payments including credit, debit and gift cards. It facilitates ease of sale. It does not matter whether you use a PC, Mac or a Vend register iPad app. Vend allows a range of price structures. The starter package, for instance, has a three-user plan. The higher advanced package is a single outlet that allows for unlimited users. And the ultimate Multi-Outlet structure accepts multiple users.


This is a uniquely powerful POS for cloud-based retail software. It’s a great management system that works perfectly for retailers. With Springboard, you are well armed to sell not only easily but also in the smartest possible manner. It is an intuitive, very easy-to-use point of sale system. What’s better, it works perfectly on a desktop as well as mobile devices. Because the software is actually cloud-based, you can access all your data hassle-free no matter your location.  Springboard affords a scalable and flexible tri-tier structure of payment.


This POS delivers a fully loaded Harbortouch system, specifically designed for retail and restaurant business. If you need to access all the basic software and hardware that work for any effective point of sale system, Gotmerchant is the way to go. It also works wonderfully for all professional on-site installation, 24/7 lifetime technical support and other systems available for revolutionizing of small business processes without start-up cost.


Lavu is especially well-suited for coffee shops, restaurants, food trucks, pizzerias, bars, and similar catering shops. With Lavu, you get a premier POS technology. What benefits does it give to food business owners? It gives industry-leading rates for payment processing. If you are in the US, you also get 24/7 customer care, menu, and restaurant layout customization. Ultimately, you get shift scheduling to facilitate easy in and out clocking. No matter your budgetary limitations, Lavu caters for all kinds of individual needs.


To get the best retail POS system suitable for your business, make a selection from the above top systems ideal for all kinds of businesses.

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